Clearing out old tablo recordings data on web app

So when I first got my tablo I went a little crazy adding shows to record.   Now, after a full month I have a lot of shows on my hard drive that I don’t really want.   Fifty episodes each of the tonight show and jimmy kimmel live.   

I wanted to go through and clean everything out.   however as near as I can tell there’s no easy way to manage large numbers of deletions.  For various reasons, I decided it would be easiest to start completely from scratch.   I also needed to do a firmware update to get out of a situation where the hard drive stopped working.   

So I performed a factory reset by holding down the button until the light blinked and I also pulled the hard drive, deleted the partition and re-formatted during the initial start up.   Should be a clean slate right?   It seems to have worked, assuming I log in through the roku app.  

However I see a bunch of old junk in the web app and can no longer control what gets recorded through the web app in chrome.   How do I purge the cache that the browser is holding so I can communicate properly with my tablo again?