CKVU 10-1 no audio

Has anyone come across stations that have perfect video but no audio? I only see this with channel 10-1 which is for station CKVU. It was working before so I don’t know if it’s an issue with the station or the recent tablo update. I’ve tried rescanning and restarting both the Apple TV and Tablo but there’s no change. This is also experienced when live streaming from the tablo app on iOS.

I was watching channel 69 and when the clock struck 12 it was like somebody flicked the switch and turned it off. Nothing, nadda. No more 69. Its going to be a cold night…

I’m streaming the New Years show on YouTube as a workaround which is not in HD but at least a quick workaround. Hopefully someone from Tablo has a long term solution

CBSN also streamed it.

@imagine_engine Try removing the channel from your lineup ( > Settings > Edit channel lineup > Remove the channel > Select Add to guide), and then re-adding it (same process, but ‘check’ the channel this time). Then play it live - does it have audio now?

Issue resolved, thank you :blush:

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