Chromecast with Google TV vs Roku Ultra

Never thought 6 seconds would mean so much to me.
Lost count of how many times I changed to an untuned channel, just so I could giggle.

Unexpected performance boost switching from Roku Ultra (2018) to a Chromecast with Google TV.

Shortest to longest untuned channel tuning time…
Chromecast with Google TV… 5 seconds → 7 seconds → most averaged 6 seconds
Roku Ultra (2018)… 10 seconds → 15 seconds → most averaged 12 seconds

Both connected to same wireless router, using 802.11ac (5GHz), from same physical location.

Doesn’t tablo, not distribute it’s own video player but instead uses the video play that exists on the specific device.

And if so, wouldn’t that video player decide how much needs to be buffered before the playback begins?