Chromecast skipping- Tablo Disconnects

Chromecast works impressively better now than it ever did before since the last update, but I’ve been encountering an issue that seems to be special to the Chromecast only. Some of my channels don’t come in clear and have a little digital distortion here and there, and it gets worse during bad weather. My other devices, Chrome,  android phone and tablet, and Fire TV all play without any skipping even with the distortions, but my Chromecast skips constantly. Can this be fixed? 

@pngwolffman Is there any chance that you may be noticing any video corruption a little more via Chromecast since it’s being sent to a larger display?

The Chromecast player doesn’t touch the video too much - it just uses a different method of displaying the same segments.

@TabloSupport All I know that when I play Chromecast from by PC Chrome browser it shows as buffering and seems to get stuck in buffering. When I play Chromecast from my android phone it show as buffering on my phone screen but plays after a second or two.

So Chromecast is having issues with playing video that has digital distortion. It get’s stuck in buffering when I play from PC to Chromecast, but from Android to Chromecast it stops from a moment (and shows the progress bar) and then plays on…

I have three Chromecasts so I’ll try it on my other ones to see if it does the same thing.

edit: I tried it on a couple of Chromecasts and it’s doing the same thing. I alternated from my PC to my Android, the same thing. PC freezes the Chromecast and Android pauses it from a moment. Once it played through a few distortions and I though it was going to work, but a minute later it froze again. 

The Chromecast must be handling something differently. Thankfully I sideloaded Tablo Web to my Amazon Fire TV and it works great, it will suffice until the Chromecast problem is fixed…

@TabloSupport Now I’m getting annoyed, first I’ve informed you about my Chromecast issues, which makes my Chromecasts useless on many of my channels. I’m not imagining this! The Chromecast is not working correctly, you may tell me it’s fine, but I know it’s not because I’m sitting here watching a frozen Image. So I know it’s not.

On top of that my Tablo has been acting up. Disconnecting right in the middle of me watching a program, and wont reconnect to my network for a few minutes, making me miss stuff and splits my recordings into seperate videos!

And I still get the blasted ‘no harddrive’ issue! 

Is my Tablo defective? I want to believe in this product, but it’s starting to annoy me.

Chromecast has really poor WiFi performance. This causes a lot of problems.

But the no hard drive issue has been seen with 2 TB drives - what is the make and model and size of your HD?

Toshiba 2TB  P/N: HDTC720XK3C1

My Chromecast plays Netflix and other video flawlessly. I can even stream my own video off my phone or computer with no difficulty. I can actually stream the whole web tab through Chrome, going around the poor Tablo-Chromecast connection and play tablo on my PC streamed to Chromecast and it works just fine.

The Chromecast does not have a native Tablo app so when you stream it’s going Tablo to router, then router to Android device via WiFi then Android device to router via WiFi, and then router to Chromecast again via WiFi. See the redundancies.

I am sure this is why you don’t have problems with the Fire TV which goes Tablo to router, and router to Fire TV via WiFi only once.

  1. Is your Tablo wired to your router? I hope it is.
  2. What is your recording quality set to? Should be 720p Roku / Chromecast.

For the HDD issue, is there a sleep timer on that hard drive? If so, disable it. Might need a Toshiba utility to do that.

Yes and yes, my Tablo is wired and I have it set to 720p Roku / Chromecast.

I have no idea if there is a sleep timer on my HDD… I’ll google it to see if there’s some info on it.

I tried to look up the support information for your HDD but the Toshiba website kept telling me the part number you posted was not a model number. Does the drive have a separate model number?

@pngwolffman I can get a direct look at your Tablo’s logs - I just need your MAC. @theuser86 is on the right track; if the HD has some kind of issue (sleep timer or otherwise) it could cause USB disconnects resulting in split recordings. I can verify this once you send over the MAC.

@TabloSupport Wouldn’t the sleep timer not be an issue since the Tablo would be actively using the HD keeping it from going to sleep?

@theuser86  v73600-h 2tb , this may be what you’re looking for

Edit: here is an ebay listing of my drive

@pngwolffman Not necessarily - that’s the idea, but depending on the firmware of the disk, some of them can fall asleep and ignore pings from external devices to wake up. I can verify if the is a USB disconnect issue, though - just need the MAC.

@TabloSupport I sent you a private message with my MAC

@TabloSupport My MAC is 5087B8003463 …

@pngwolffman Sorry for the delay - looks like the disk is the culprit. Sent you a PM with the details.

I know this is old thread however I am experiencing similar issues. I wonder if it is my hard drive also. Is there any way I can check to see if my hard drive is causing my buffering issues and performance issue? My hard drive is one of the recommended drives.
Seagate BUP Slim RD 0302 (2000 GB)

Disconnect the HDD. Reboot the Tablo. Watch Live TV. Without a hard drive you can watch live TV on one channel only.