Chromecast plays a recorded show when selecting a live one

Yet another issue…recorded a show an a channel (more for testing than anything).  Go to the channel guide via Android app, select the channel, and I see LIVE TV like it should.  Hit Chromecast to a TV and it plays a recorded show not the LIVE.  Did this 3X.  No way to play live now after I’ve recorded.  

Why am I finding all of these problems?  Is there no QA team?

Wiped the cache & data, yet again, and waited ~5-10 minutes to sync and update the channel guide and it worked.

We’ll see if it happens again…assuming it will because of the pattern (record then play live on same channel).

This Is happening to me All the time where its the point of not using Chromecast , does anyone know why the Tablo is recording a live station in the background and we don’t have an option to play Live when change Channels, This happens in both the web app and the android app