Chromecast not work to play recordings using my Samsung Chromebook

Hi All,  I have a Samsung Chromebook which works great with my Chromecast to display webpages and photos and Youtube as well.  

I have no problems going to and going through the Tablo Menu. Displays great on my TV.

When I try to play a recording my chromebook show the recording than goes to loading Tablo and shows initializing and finally says Load Failed.

On the TV it shows that it is loading TABLO and then jumps out back to the Chromecast home screen on the TV

On the Chromebook it continues playing the recording.  Hum…

I have no problems playing my recordings on my Chromebook through  

I have the same problem when I try this on my Windows 8 Dell tablet using Chrome.  

Thanks your thoughts.

I have tried my Chromecast on two different TV a new this year Samsung 55 inch Smart tv and a VIVO HDMI TV and they both react the same.  Chromecast started to initialize the cast and responds Load Failed.

My firmware is the lastest version on my Chromecast.

I decided to install Plex and wow it works great.  The images for the recordings did not load up correctly but i  just connected.  Thank you to all those that replied and Tablo support for suggesting Plex…  so much to learn