Chromecast issues

Ok, i am having issues with Chromecast.
Here's my setup:
Upstairs media room closet:
Tablo unit wired into router right next to it.
Chromecast (CC) plugged into receiver.
So, in this case, the CC is right next to the router

I have a cat6 drop from my router upstairs down to a gigabit switch.
And the downstairs receiver is connected to this gigabit switch.
My downstairs chromecast is plugged into this receiver which drives my TV.

I had used my Tablo app on my Nexus 5 to schedule a recording of a 3 hour show last night before we left for dinner.
After coming back from dinner (about 1 hour after the show started), I checked the tablo app on my phone and verified that it
had started the recording, wife wanted to watch it.

So, I actually started playing back the recording since watching live would have meant missing the 1st hour.
Once playback started on the phone, I cast it to my downstairs chromecast.
The playback started on my TV and about 20 seconds into it, it stoppped/froze.
I went back and restarted the recorded playback, same problem at the same spot.
Tried multiple times, no dice.
Wife was getting antsy, so I just started the live tv, again, it started fine, but 
froze after 15-30 seconds, repeated multiple times, same effect.
Wife is pissed now, I gave up and found a youtube recording of the show and started
casting that to my CC and it worked flawlessly for the whole show.
Youtube saved the day.

I thought Tablo would solve the issues I had with the unit, but I see that
Tablo is no better than when it comes to chromecast.

I even tried all of this all over again on my upstairs CC thinking the wifi signal might not be as strong on the downstairs one, but same result.

@kgdg1 I sent over a reply asking for your MAC - so send that over when you can. 

Have you tried the 720p Chromecast/Roku recording quality?

I’ve had no issues with Chromecast when used via an Android phone to watch a recorded show. 

Tablo recorded show, open Tablo web-app on phone, find recording, choose to play, it will start right away so pause it, connect to the Chromecast device, choose to cast from Tablo, play
When I use my PC to do the same via the Chrome browser on some shows, not all, but some it’s like it reaches a segment of the show to load and can’t. Always at the EXACT same time in minutes and seconds on a show. If it does it on another show, it will be a different time in the show, but stopping and starting it hits that exact minute and second and buffers forever. This leads me to believe it’s trying to go from one piece of the show to load the next and can’t. For example a show my wife had recorded it got to about 23 minutes and 5 seconds. It hung and buffered. I went back 20 seconds and it reached that spot and did the same. So I dragged the slider around and went to like 23 minutes and 20 seconds and wham - it resumed play fine but if I backed up again and went to like 22 minutes, when it hit 23 and 5, it would hang again. I can’t really blame the Chromecast device for that as if I used the phone it behaved better over the same Chromecast device!
I suspect only Tablo insiders and engineers understand why this happened to me.

The problem that ShadowsPapa reports makes my Tablo useless. Using a TiVo Roamio until this gets fixed.

@winstonmithcell I only just saw this. Is your Tablo buffering/stalling at exact intervals like this?

How do you pair your chrome cast with tablo? I can’t find any instructions for this feature and dine see any way to make this happen so I can’t even watch recorded programs on my tv. Can only watch on my phone.

I believe once you start playback on your phone, there should be a Google Cast icon at the top right of your screen next to the Closed Captioning icon. Hit that, then select your Chromecast.

@Brandon_Stevens - Cash is correct. Start the playback on your phone and then cast it to the TV.