Chromecast Gets 404

I’m having issues with my Chromecast.  I can’t cast the Tablo from my Galaxy S4, Tab 2 or my PC.  All other things cast just fine.  Anyone having similar issues? I get a 404 error, and only with Tablo

Are you using the Android web app?

Or the Chrome browser through

Casting from my Galaxy S5 via Web App is ok… But I think I saw something where they are investigating this issue…

See this post:

Since the firmware update for me… it happens. 

@Krydor @theuser86 @ShadowsPapa

Hey folks, we managed to fix this last night. Should be good to go.

Trying to watch game on Tablo on Samsung Galaxy . Wife trying to watch a recording on IPad mini. First got code 502 then out and back in. Now 404. Both tablets lqocked up. We don’t seem to be able to have two on at the same time with Tablo 4.

@Jim_Carlet Are these going to two separate Chromecasts, or? Do you have a hard drive attached?

I get some 404 when watching live on Tablo. I might look into the electronic network things and have everything wired.