Chromecast freezes after 5-10 seconds


New to the tablo.  I have gotten it to work (albeit painfully slow) on laptop wired/wireless, ios , and android (4.4.4) using MXplayer.  All seem to be stable now.  I tried to cast to my chromecast today (the real reason for the tablo) and after 5-10 seconds the screen freezes and just stays frozen until I go back to live TV screen and disconnect.  There is communication because when it is frozen I can move the volume slider and the volume moves in concert on the Chromecast. This happens every time.  Tapping pause/play does nothing.

The tablo is hardwired to the wifi router, no co-channel interference for the chrome/tabs, and the CC works fine with all my other android apps.

I am testing this to release to parents, so it needs to be “bulletproof” otherwise back to newegg it goes.

Strangely when you scan the channels you get signal and as anyone knows that signal level changes with the wind, so is there a way when you record/live TV to see what the signal strength to know if the blips are bad signal or something else?  I could not figure that out.


Check out this thread about the Chromecast.  It appears to be a bug with the Android app, and the Tablo folks are working on it:

As for signal strength, there is no dynamic signal strength meter currently (it definitely has been requested).  If there is a problem with reception at some point after you had set up your Tablo, you can run the channel scan again to get the most up to date signal strength readings.

I had the exact same problem.  I replace my original Chromecast with a Nexus Player which had the side effect of it now supporting 802.11ac and that made a huge difference.  I can now cast to the Nexus Player just fine.  It never worked on to the old Chromecast which only supported the 2.4 Ghz band.