Chromecast for Android app

This app crashes more than any other app I have used. In an hour show it crashes at least 3 times. Just now I hit that before the 30 minute mark. Is this normal? Should I just expect this or do I need to buy another device that will work better. They don’t seem like they will ever make an Xbox-one app. I have only had this for 2 weeks and I find myself dreading using fast forward or pausing because this is when it crashes. I have had the same experience on both my tablet and phone. What is the best device I can use to watch tablo on my TV. Does not seem to be chromecast.

Roku and FireTV are both good playback devices - standalone, no need for casting.

Some people like the new Apple TV 4.

@Chase_Lilly - What recording quality are you using? We recommend the 3 Mbps quality for use w/ Chromecast.

The lowest I have gone is 4. Why would this make the app crash? I don’t want to drop any lower what is the point of having this if I have to watch everything in 720. I don’t have stutter issues with the 1080 8M setting. Sometimes the app crashes before I even try to play anything. Just looking at settings. How would my recording quality effect this? I stream all kinds of things 1080p to my chromecast but I guess tablo cannot be one of them. Very well. When do you plan to make an xbox-one app? Or I will just be required to buy yet another device.

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There is no 4 Mbps recording quality setting?

Have you been adjusting the “Remote Streaming Quality”?

Sorry I meant 5

@Chase_Lilly - Is this while you’re watching live or recorded TV? Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling?

Xbox is definitely something we’re interested in pursuing. I don’t have an ETA to share right now but stay tuned on that.

I have only watched recordings. I tried watching a recording before it was done once and the tablo rebooted and the recording ended up in two pieces and missing a few minutes.
I haven’t watched anything live.

Unboxed device and 30 minutes into watching a show on live mode I saw message pop up on phone saying a new update was available 12.2.2, so I updated it. Ever since I could not cast to tv! I dont know what version i was at, i just unboxed it. I will take any older version!
Live tv mode
ASUS pad phone
Android phone 4.2.2
Chromecast Gen1