Chromecast / DLNA casting app

Could there not be a phone Android app just so we cast to the Chromecast or smart TV?

YouTube for example can do this: casting to either the Chromecast or the smart TV directly.

As it stands now we can’t use the app on an Android phone and hence can’t cast.

I’ve seen a cast done from a phone using the web-based app in the office so it must work. Have you tried this?

That would be good but I haven’t worked that out yet. Will have to try again.

I would like to see Chromecast support on the iPad Tablo app.

@Ben - This is something we would like to do! Stay tuned.

+1 YYCTV we can’t cast Tablo from an Android phone to Chromecast! … nothing to add here, I’m just speechless. Oh wait, I’ve tried the Tablo web app within Chrome for Android and found no option to cast. (Shakes head)

@Thumbs We don't currently have support for Chromecast on the web-based app, however we are aware of a workaround that has been allowing users to use Chromecast from their Android phones. 
The chrome beta version currently supports Chromecast - we're not sure if Google will add this to its mainstream app in the future, but this browser will enable you to use Casting from this particular browser using the Tablo web app:

Unfortunately Chrome Beta isn't available on iOS, though this feature is certainly on our road map.

Oh my. Yes, this  w o r k s  and thanks for sharing… But 1) it takes 4 button selections to play the recording: the recording selection play button, full screen button, wait for the cast button to appear-press it, select my Chromecast device (thankfully the video then starts to auto play) 2) if you stop/disconnect the casting video the Tablo full screen button doesn’t return… So you can’t get back to the cast button without reloading the webpage 3) ironically the Chrome casting video controls allow skipping (nicely) but the Tablo video controls on Android still don’t work… A DVR without skipping is pointless. I’ll raise a separate issue about that. 

A dedicated cast button is a must to allow 1-click playing across videos and to standardize the Tablo experience with other Chromecast apps. I could never expect others in my family to figure this out and willing use it video after video. An Android phone app is a solution but don’t forget other Chrome browser platforms like Windows… I can’t cast jitter free video from Windows as-is… that platform is useless for Tablo w/Chromecast. I hope that delivering a robust Chromecast experience is an important part of the roadmap. 

@Thumbs - The roadmap has plans for additional work on both Android and Chromecast. Google is also releasing new firmware for Chromecast to increase its stability. 

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