Chromecast Data Usage

So I know when using the web app from a computer, or when using a mobile app from one’s phone or tablet, the Tablo only briefly uses the internet, and then all streaming is done locally (unless it’s being viewed remotely).

However, does Chromecast stream from the Tablo locally or does it stream through my ISP? I know my Chromecast doesn’t work if the internet is down/disconnected, so I haven’t been able to test it. I’ve always understood the Chromecast to stream directly from a source server (YouTube, HBO, etc) unless a screen or tab was being cast through the network. If I use my Android phone to start a Tablo stream (locally), and then press the cast icon on my phone, is my phone telling the Chromecast to stream directly from the Tablo through my router? Or is Chromecast pulling the antenna channels through the internet? Just curious.


The Chromecast definitely streams the Tablo through your home network. No internet is used.

That’s what I figured; thanks for verifying.