Chromebook--new Acer Chromebook 13 FHD and Tablo

I just got a new Chromebook yesterday.  My old (5 years old) laptop is on it’s last legs and I’m waiting for the anticipated Macbook Air with Retina display.  So when Amazon put the full HD Chromebook 13 on sale for $50 off on black Friday I ordered it.  I’m happy to report that it works great with Tablo using the web app.  

By the way for $329 with the full-HD display, 4GB Ram and quad core Tegra K1 processor this is not a bad little machine.  If it were built like a Macbook Air I would be happy to have it as my only laptop.  However, the price point definitely shows in some areas…especially the display.  Although sharp, the contrast is kind of low and viewing angles really poor.  Also, the case is entirely plastic.  Perfectly acceptable at this price point but again not very premium.