Chrome - Terrible stuttering - IE & Firefox OK - Possible cause

OK so it turns out the recommended browser for Tablo is just not usable on the pc I have downstairs.

It’s a half decent machine (3GHZ CPU, Half decent video card) and both Firefox and IE can stream the video just fine with Firefox performing the best of the three.

Here is a quick video I just shot showing all three browsers:

It is the latest version of Chrome which I just downloaded and installed and didn’t add any additional plugins or add-ons or anything. Just install and go.

Any ideas?

Trying link again…

A P4 3.0 GHz is too slow to stream the video from the Tablo properly. I tried it on a couple computers and the Adobe Flash Player caused the CPU usage to jump to 100% when playing 720p or 1080p video.

That’s a broad statement that I don’t think holds water since Firefox is able to play the stream just fine.

Internet Explorer holds it’s own as well as you can see in the video I posted.

It’s just chrome that’s an issue.

And just to clarify, I did not say it was a P4.

It is an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 running at 2.93GHZ which should be more than sufficient.

@darryldale - Our web guru is a bit stumped by this one. Can you try it again at another date/time and see if you see the same results? 

If you right click on the screen while the Chrome playback is going on, what version of Abobe Flash is it saying it is using?  

On mine, it is

My only idea is that since you just installed Chrome, the Flash player may not be updated correctly.

I’ll post another video this evening doing the same test.

Since flash is integrated into Chrome and since I downloaded / installed a fresh copy of Chrome I would have to assume that it also contained the most current flash. It would make no sense for google to provide a download of chrome that would then have to wait for an update. 

I did right click on the screen while playing and tried with hardware acceleration on and off with no impact. I also did check the version number and compared it to what it should be and I believe it was current. 169 rings a bell but I will report back this evening.


@darryldale - Tonight when you’re testing can you please hit the F12 key on your keyboard, and select the ‘console’ tab on the screen that appears. These are the logs generated by the Tablo web app. Paste them into a ticket to support, and we’ll be able to take a closer look to see what’s going on.

OK, so disabling the built in chrome “pepper” flash did the trick.

I used the directions from here (which are a lot more recent and clear than the link sent by tablo support):

After going through those steps everything works great in Chrome now.



How new is this Pepper Flash?

It’s whatever version comes with the latest version of chrome if you were to download it right now.

It shows the same version number as the current actual flash

@darryldale - Glad to hear you found a solution. I’ll let our web guru know.


I’ve been having the same problem with Chrome and have tried both the 32bit and 64 bit versions to no avail. I was hopeful that this trick would work for me and it does solve the playback problem but the playback controls are then missing. ie: I can’t pause, play or skip forward and back because the controls disappear. Does this happen to you as well? 

By the way I also had to turn off pepperflash in Chrome before Adobe Flash would work by going into chrome://plugins and clicking on disable under the pepperflash version of Flash.

@AceConrad - That’s definitely not ideal. I’ve raised this issue w/ the dev team so they can take a closer look.

Hey guys - 

If you’re experiencing this issue can you please try to go to two links (with PepperFlash enabled) and try to play the videos and report back what you see?

1. (scroll to bottom of page for the video)
2. (click on BigBuckBunny, second link from the top)

OK, I’ve played both videos and the first one is fine, great quality and smooth playback. The second one is not as good quality picture and I get some uneven playback as well as some cutting in and out of the audio.

The Tablo playback of both recorded and Live programs is much worse however than the second of the two samples above. The playback is very back and forth like it is constantly jumping back a few frames and playing forward and jumping back again. The audio however does not appear to be affected, it plays normally and is in sync with the major flow of the picture, as much as that is possible, lol!

@AceConrad - Thanks for the info. I’ll get this over to our web guru and see what he says.