Chrome "Removing Tablo sync data. Please wait..." it's been over 30 minutes

I’m having problems connecting Windows 10 Chrome to my Tablo. So I decided to clear everything out and start over again. I cleared all the browser history, cookies, etc. from the beginning of time. Now i’m trying to remove my tablos’ sync data. I got the message “Removing Tablo sync data. Please wait…” I’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes now. Is this normal? I’m assuming it shouldn’t this long to remove sync data.

I think I may have an answer, though it may be just a coincidence. I removed some secure browing extensions that got activated in Chrome and after doing that it seems to have cleared the sync data fine.

However, now Chrome is stuck on Connecting… Arrgh :frowning:

After a few hours, Chrome magically got connected again. Now that it’s connected, it’s working on Syncing…hopefully this doesn’t get stuck :slight_smile:

Sync failed :frowning:

Any suggestions?

On Chrome isn’t it just as easy and faster to delete just the actual tablo unit from the tablo WEB app? Then rescan to re-add the tablo unit.

Recently I’ve only had to delete all the Chrome data when I thought something was still corrupt after the full re-sync. Of course crap does build up in Chrome

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I would suggest clearing cache in the browser. That will force it to download everything fresh.

@mjremijan I second @Nilex’s suggestion; try clearing the cache in the browser. I know you’ve touched base with our support team as well; they’re taking a look at this now.

Yes, unfortunately I’ve done all that. I even tried downloaded FireFox (didn’t have it installed before today) to try it. Same behavior.

Firefox won’t do the sync thing. On a linux host the sqlite db (they sync db) would be at something like:


If that gives enough of hint as to where you can find yours, you can try nuking it. Of course, it will do a full sync (time consuming) afterwards.

Chrome is tablo’s full feature browser of choice.

For a single unit tablo user running an up to date version of Chrome, if removing the tablo unit doesn’t fix a Chrome side tablo database issue, maybe tablo support should be doing a more in depth investigation to fix the problem.

I think I found the solution to my problem. I check installed programs and found an anti-malware software named Byte***** installed. After getting rid of that, things started working a lot better.