Chrome files needed on W10 for remote access

I want to be able to take the required files from a Windows 10 Chrome browser that has synced with a Tablo and put those files on another Windows 10 system thus allowing the second W10 system to remotely access any Tablo synced to the first W10 system. I am trying to find only the files needed as I believe I can take all Chrome files from System 1 to System 2 and achieve that but there are thousands of files in the Chrome directories and I am looking for just the ones needed. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

I’ve never attempted what you seek, but what I think you are looking for is a cookie.

maybe, but if it were that straight forward, why can’t Firefox or any other browser handle it? Primarily saving port forwarding info? Or is it they just don’t “allow” any other browser to - or might not have the means to verify… you know google has a way of getting it nose into everything so it knows what your router is doing :paranoid:

Its more than the 2 cookies I found. Tried just moving them and no go. Moved all related files and it works. So there are more files than just cookies. Not sure why Tablo would not share that unless there is some infringement on making local broadcasts available to anyone regardless if they had been physically in the same network environment as the Tablo.