Chrome cast

I can’t figure out how to view my tablo thru my chromecast. I can’t find the wifi looking icon similar to that used on apps like netflix. Any suggestions?

@ctxaggie I am guessing you are looking on the iPad app and it is not available, but it has been asked for.

It is available in the browser (Chrome) and also on android. 

I’m not seeing an option for sending recorded program to Chromecast on Chrome (on Android smartphone). Any suggestions, or is this feature only for an Android tablet (w/Tablo app) or PC running Chrome only??

Also, I’m able to Chromecast other open tabs from Chrome (PC) including most every tab from the interface, but not with any LIVE or RECORDED content playing - Chromecast message says “Unable to cast to device”.

How do you watch tablo on a PC? When I go to tablo tv site, I do not see an option to watch or sign in.

How do you watch tablo on a PC? When I go to tablo tv site, I do not see an option to watch or sign in.

I go to and it connects and plays just fine (through PC + Chrome browser); but I’m finding that all forms of sending live or recorded video to a Chromecast from Chrome browser doesn’t work at all.

There really is no login as the PC and Tablo DVR must be on the same network, and the DVR (I’m guessing) provides authentication automatically.

Yes to and no you don’t need to be on the same network as long as you have gone to the Tablo once on your PC. Then you can go outside your network and get to your tablo.

Yes Chrome is required and you must have the Chromecast extension installed as well as it just sends your browser to your Chromecast device.

Now having said that, I think there is a bug as I tried now and all tabs can cast except the Tablo tab. @TabloSupport is this a bug???

I tried to visit but it isn’t a registered domain.

You are right, is not, is, you are missing the period after my

@TabloSupport it appears the issue of casting the video is an issue. Using Chrome on Windows and Mac.

I can go to then cast, but once I actually play the video casting stops and cannot be started again, but only on that tab. All other tabs can cast. Looks like it is being blocked via the browser extension to me.

ctxaggie @Jestep Thanks for making us aware of this - our web developer is working on a fix right now! Should be up shortly.

@TabloSupport I assume @matb33 was the guy? I just tried it and it works nicely now!

@Jestep - @matb33 is indeed our intrepid web app dev. Glad it got sorted out! 

I have two issues I could use help with.  1st, when casting, the program will freeze periodically.  I don’t believe its due to poor OTA reception or the tablo itself.  It will freeze when viewing live and recorded programming.  I’ve power cycled the tablo, my router, DSL modem, and chrome cast.  Then I reset my chrome cast to factor default.  Still freezes.  I don’t have issues with the router streaming music or netflix through my wifi blu ray player.  Is it possible the chrome cast and the router aren’t communicating properly or compatible with one another?

2nd - Recently haven’t been able to cast tablo from my PC chrome browser.  I’m receiving “device not available”, but only for the tablo tab, other tabs will cast fine.  Don’t have this issue with Android tablet app.

@bkoster I got your ticket this morning - responded with some feedback. Hope you see better results; keep me posted!

Changed the recording setting to Chromecast/Roku 720i option and so far so good no freezes on first test run with it.  Thank you for the suggestion! (sorry for doubting that would work :slight_smile:

@bkoster No worries. I’m glad to hear that you’re seeing better results :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue described above. My desktop has an ethernet connection to my router. When I open a tab and start casting the show to my chromecast, it works fine for about a minute, then freezes. What did the people above do to fix this?