Chrome can't connect anymore [Resolved-almost]

I know, Chrome isn’t officially supported. But it had been working fine for me and now it’s not. Anybody else see this recently?

I’m on MacOS 10.14, Tablo 2.2.40, Google Chrome 99.0. None of these versions changed except I think maybe Chrome had updated itself. Chrome had been connecting without issue, now it just spins and fails silently, returning to the Connect To Tablo page. I’m not using a VPN.

I don’t mind using Safari (which is officially supported). But there are a couple issues with it, relative to the experience I had with Chrome:

  1. There is no Recent tab on the Recordings page. Chrome had this, Safari doesn’t. It’s a very useful feature and I miss it.
  2. In Resolve Conflict, only episode names are displayed, not show names. This makes it difficult to figure out which show to not record - now I have to try to decipher the show by its description. If I’m not mistaken, Chrome was displaying show names in the Resolve Conflict window.

Version 99.0.4844.35 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

HTML Application: 1.9.20 build 1011 [202112081441]

Running Debian Bullseye Linux

Usually use Firefox trouble free as well.

Last resort, when you get the connect to Tablo - click the red X to remove the tablo data from the browser storage. Click on the “Not Secure” in the URL bar and select to clear site settings and cookies. It’s not something users should have to do, but something applications go askew.
-good luck

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Chrome still works for me in Windows (also on version 99.0). It wouldn’t hurt to reboot your router and your computer, as that can fix some connectivity issues.

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Thanks djk44883 and snowcat. I’ve done these things, repeatedly, still no joy. Good to know the same version Chrome is working on Windows. Btw, I can kind of rule out the Tablo itself as I have both a Quad and a Dual, both v2.2.40, both were working fine, now both are not able to connect. Silent failures are the WORST!

The other issue that causes issues are plug-ins. Have you tried incognito mode? If that works, then try disabling plug-ins till it works.

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BINGO! Thanks snowcat. It was indeed caused by a (unrelated) plug-in.

That’s a great suggestion to try incognito mode. Btw, had to restart Chrome after removing the offending plug-in.


Glad it worked!

What was the offending plug-in?

Not sure which plug-in was at fault. I wasn’t methodical about removing plug-ins, and I was doing some housekeeping.

Then…funny… I clicked Failed on the Recordings page, noticed a couple dozen shows that apparently had failed recordings, and tried to delete one of them. Now Chrome can’t connect anymore - again! Still works fine in Incognito mode. This time I know it’s not plug-in related. It’s likely due to a database error because that’s the message I got after attempting to delete the failed recording. Will now try to restore the database by pressing the physical reset button (but not pressing longer than a second or so, so I don’t factory reset sheesh!)

When I tried Incognito mode - it shows New Tablos. as though they had never been connected. This is what would happen if you click the red X on the Connect to Tablo page. It would wipe out the data chrome stores about the tablo.

Have you tried a different browser? Different system? Different device?

I believe it only reads the backed up DB on disk after a fresh out-of-box startup including factory reset. Before going that route, as dreadful as it may be… take a shot with tablo support.

It’s not always bad, just not always easy to contact them. Then you have to go through the basics before you can get real issues. That’s just how any tech support system works.

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Have you tried a different browser? Different system? Different device?

Yes, still works in Safari and in Chrome incognito mode. Do you mean a different device, like Nvidia Shield or Recast or HDhomerun?? :joy:

I shut off all my Chrome extensions, clicked Tablo Connect’s red X’s, manually deleted cookies, and it does change the behavior during connect. After a pregnant pause, I get this:

Mobile device to access your tablo.

Well, it it works in incognito mode without the error message, it can’t be all that bad. Why I’d wonder what happens from other device. But in the end, what matters is your primary device/app.

If you do a factory reset, keeping the drive intact, it’ll likely back up the “bad” DB and …restore the “bad” DB - it’ll be like going through the same steps - Moving your recordings to a new Tablo

It’s possible overnight Maintenance Mode might clean it up. They only list “examples” but I do recall reading cleaning up the DB is part of it’s process. (depending upon the severity)

Or it just could be your one system having issues.

-good luck

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I suspect the cached data is corrupted, which would explain incognito mode working - it would not use saved data in that mode.

Try clearing the cache: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help

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Thanks FlyingDiver. I’m no stranger to Clear Browsing Data, but I try to avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with the aftermath (re-logging in everywhere, typing full URLs, etc.) BUT…you make a good point. It’s worth trying at this point.

Actually, while slugging it out today (i.e. trying to get non-incognito Chrome to reliably connect, while enabling my usual browser extensions) I’ve been experiencing a brand new failure mode: a few times today after being connected for ~5 minutes watching live TV all of a sudden I’m disconnected with the same old database error:

I got this error again just now, after 100% clearing my cache/cookies for all of time. Dag! :pouting_cat:

ARGGHH even incognito mode isn’t reliable:

It’s possible that your problem may be your harddrive failing.

Try contacting @TabloSupport on Monday and have them check your log files to see if they can determine exactly what your problem is.

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