Chrome browser won't load Tablo on Win10

I can’t get the Chrome browser on Win10 to load Tablo. The reload page icon cycles endlessly. I have cleared all the browser settings and disabled all extensions to no avail. MS-Edge browser works fine. Win10 web app works fine.

My chrome 113.0.5672.93 works fine on windows 10 and regular chrome window

Try instead.

Didn’t work. Typing http instead of https, the browser reverts to https.

Always use HTTPS is a chrome privacy setting that can be turned ON and OFF.

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I loathe the “privacy setting” moniker. Google has strong opinions with regards to standards violations, well, because they believe they alone are the standard.

Ah! Yep, t’was the always use HTTPS thing in chrome’s privacy settings as detailed above. Found it and turned it off in Chrome. All good now. Thanks for the ejumakatshun!