Chrome Browser issues

When I play live TV in Chrome on my Windows PC, I can pause and play, but there is no option to rewind or fast forward.  That makes it pretty inconvenient compared to all the other ways to watch live tv on a Tablo.

When I play a recording in Chrome, I can go to any spot on the broadcast via a slider.  However it would be nice to have the same 20 sec rewind and 30 sec skip functions that I see on my iPad.  

On another forum someone told me the secret.  I just have to hit the left arrow key for rewind and right arrow key to skip.

That was me ;). I also emailed support earlier this week about that issue, and they’re aware and working on it, response below:

Thanks, we are still adding functionality to the HTML5 app. The app has proven more popular
than we anticipated. We originally assumed that most customers would
be using a tablet.