Chrome App listing old info/ won't update

I usually set-up recordings, etc, for my Tablo using my ipad Tablo app, and everything has been working well.  However, today since my ipad is not available, I accessed the web app in the Chrome browser for the first time in a few months so I could set up some recordings for tonight.  To my surprise, the Chrome browser app is showing a bunch of recordings that I deleted long ago.  So, I tried to hit "play" on one of them and got some sort of message about the recording not being located.  Well, that's because I deleted it months ago!  So, why is it still listed on the Chrome app when it does not show on my tablet app or on my Roku Tablo channel?  I tried to delete one of these "phantom" recordings but nothing happens when I select "delete."    There are a whole bunch of "phantom" recordings like this cluttering up my Chrome app. 

Furthermore, I went into "settings" and the list of channels that my Tablo receives is all screwed up also.  I recently did a channel rescan from my tablet app because I moved my antenna.  Some of the channels I get have changed, others have stayed the same and some I no longer get.  The ones that have stayed the same are listed twice now in the Chrome app, and the ones I no longer receive are still listed.  They do not show up this way on my tablet app.  This also causes trouble in the tv schedule, where the same channels are listed twice:  once with blank schedule info and once with current schedule info.  The channels I no longer receive are also still listed on the schedule but with blank schedule info.  Why is this happening in the Chrome browser app, and how can I fix it?

The Chrome web-app also lists stuff under "Scheduled" that has long since been deleted, and I can't seem to get rid of it.  I am nervous now that the web-app is so totally screwed up that nothing that I set to record tonight is going to record!

@dvras  I would suggest you delete the local data so that it forces a complete re-sync.

Go into preferences/ advanced settings / Clear browsing data / Hosted app data. Then find tablo and delete. Should be around 25mb or so

Then go back into and it should force that re-sync

This clears out all that local data.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not sure I am able to follow your directions.  I never use Chrome except for the Tablo app, so I am not very familiar with it, but if I understand correctly you are suggesting I clear my browser cache.  I couldn’t find any option called “preferences” but I found an option under “settings” to get to “advanced settings” for Chrome.  There I found a button for “clear browsing data” which I clicked and I found an option for “hosted app data” which I checked.  Then I had to select how far back I wanted to delete the data, so I selected “since the beginning of time.”  That made no difference.  When you say “find tablo and delete” what do you mean?  Am I supposed to delete the whole Tablo app?  If so, how?

Often you can hit Ctrl-F5 and force a download ignoring a browser cache. Not sure how well that works with Tablo but if all else fails, in the browser hit Ctrl and F5 and it is forced to reload the page from the “server”. Since this goes through THEIR server when using a web app, can’t say but it’s always worth a try IMO

@dvras oh sorry, sent you the wrong path, go back where you were but instead of clear cache go to privacy in the same page… Then find all cookies and site data. Click that and then search for tablo. Remove the database storage…

Here are some pics:

Click Content Settings

Click all cookies and site data

Search for Tablo and delete the database

You need to create a KB article from this exact information. That’s so specific anyone can fix a lot of stuff just based on your info @Jestep

@ShadowsPapa I have had it happen maybe once where I forced to delete the data to get things back. Some weird issue. :wink:

Thank you, thank you, Jestep!  That worked!

I think I’m going to create an owner’s manual based on some of these posts, a troubleshooting section. I’ll print up some of the best tips, like this one above that is very specific and helpful and put it into a binder. I’ll then have quick reference - 

@dvras Because of the locally cached storage, as @Jestep has mentioned, this can sometimes lead to inaccurate data being stored if a sync isn’t prompted successfully. We hope to handle this a little more ‘gracefully’ in the future so cache clears and deleting the Tablo frrom the client aren’t always necessary.