Christmas Plus Channel

I’m trying to watch the Christmas Plus channel that Tablo provides but the first time I tried it stated weak signal. Which I don’t know why it said that since this is an internet channel.
Now it’s stating tuner unavailable.
I contacted support on the first weak signal. They suggested I adjust my antenna.
I responded to them it’s an internet channel but haven’t heard back.
Now it’s indicating no tuner available. I’m not having any issues with the other internet channels.

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Same here, but that happens time to time on some channels. I also get some recordings split into multiple segments on these channels.

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@rbmisc and @rkkeller

I submitted a ticket about this and other channels.

Tablo support - issue is same on both 4th gen 2 tuner and 4th gen 4 tuner.

That makes three streaming channels having trouble from iPhone and 1 from both iPhone and fireTV.

Streaming channel - “Almost Friday” - can view “live”, but cant view or delete recording from iPhone (iOS 17.2.1) of this station but can view and delete recording from 4k fireTV’s.

Streaming channel - “Christmas plus” - cant view live or record from iPhone or 4k fireTV’s

Streaming channel - “Free movies plus” - can view “live”, but cant view or delete recording from iPhone (iOS 17.2.1) of this station but can view and delete recording from 4k fireTV’s.

Can’t stream Christmas plus on Roku or Android. It worked when I first set up the Tablo 4th Gen box. What gives? Somebody from Tablo should speak to this problem right?

I logged a ticket about this because it worked and then was broken and then they fixed and it was viewable but not recordable and after the outage it went back to not working anymore again.

Hopefully someone will fix it! That’s all you can do. Fingers crossed!

This station has never worked for me since I got my tablo.

The only reason I knew it worked was because support emailed me to do a rescan and said that it should be working now and after I did the steps, Sure enough it worked. About 1 day later they had the server outage and it stopped working, so I’m sure most people never even got the chance to see it work that had issues with it previously.

Mine is working again after weeks of “weak signal” . Now my wife wanted to watch “A Christmas Tale” on Christmas Plus but it’s in French and has no closed captions! WTH! No English track no nothing!

Christmas Plus:

I was just coming on to let everyone know that you can view the channel, but you beat me to it.

I had given up telling support and showing the problem. Even though you can tell Tablo to record the program, it still has problems when you attempt to watch recorded movies from iOS devices.


For some reason the recording do not contain a thumbnail on the recording itself, which apparently still causes an issue with the Tablo iOS app.

Tablo still has something missing that it puts into its cataloging system for this channels recordings which causes the missing thumbnails and problems for playing recordings of this channel from iOS.