Christmas episodes

METV is showing Christmas episodes today

I love searching through all the holiday TV show and movie listings and just click, click, click record, record, record away. Do it at least once a week. Like a 60 year old kid in a candy store.:heart_eyes: Just one of the things I love about Tablo.

Just wish Tablo could record Directvnow

I love recording the Christmas travel shows on PBS - travels through Austria and Switzerland during the holiday season. The villages and their markets, the Alps, the pastries, etc. Very festive.

I also like the colorized (hi-def) versions of Lucy and Andy Griffiths Christmas episodes on CBS.

Recorded the Celtic Women Christmas show yesterday. Awesome!

Record OTA Christmas specials and watch Halmark Channel on DirectTVNow

Pentatonix Christmas Special 12/14 8pm on NBC.