Choosing shows to record

New Tablo owner here. Hooked it up today!!! It’s a Quad HDMI.

I easily figured out how to record shows that appear in the guide, but what if I want to look for something? Is there a search function?

For example, if I wanted to record “Ghosts” on my local CBS station, do I have to hunt for it in the guide to record it or can I find a way to search for the show to see if it’s appearing in the next two weeks?

(I’m coming from a cable TiVo unit where this was an easy thing to do.)


Go to “TV Shows” in the left menu and there’s a search box.

I’ll have to check that. I didn’t see it.

Nope. In TV Shows, my menu shows All, Premiering, Genres and Channels. I don’t see any kind of search.

Click on All, then look for the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right corner. I don’t have an HDMI unit, but that’s where it is on other clients.

No. The only thing on my unit are the letters, starting with A in the top right corner. No search

Sounds similar to Roku. It does not have the search magnifying glass. But when you go into “TV Shows” from the main menu you get the following selections…


Not sure what the HDMI models offer you.

Yeah, no search on mine.

I have an HDMI, and also see no Search option with the native interface.

On the Roku app, there is a search option. It’s in the list of All/Search/other options on the various list screens. But that does require you to have the subscription.

That said, I’m not sure if the search will find anything if a show is not airing within the next 2 weeks.

Interesting. Being a total Tablo newbie, my question then is… I can search in Roku and then go schedule it in the Tablo? Or can I actually schedule it within the Roku.

Thank you!

Yes. The Roku Tablo app gives you the same control as the native interface. That said, the native interface is a bit cleaner looking to me. The general design is the same, but there is more detailed information and better graphics in some areas.

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Replying to your last statement. You’re correct, Tablo won’t find something if it’s not in the 2 week guide.