Check the WiFi around you

I just found this and have not had a chance to check it out

Nice find - thanks

I’ve also used Nir Sofer’s free utilities -
I use some of them extensively at work. 
I’ve used his forensic tools to land one person in jail for kiddie porn and another on disciplinary leave for pirating movies on government equipment. 

The OCIO (Office of the CIO) uses a tool similar to what beastman posted to help find rogue networks around government buildings. 

Since most folks don’t know how to control or secure their Wi-Fi (or are lazy or choose not to), radios are typically turned all the way up, everything full power and it will handle traffic for over a block in some cases. With my tools I can connect from the building where my office is to the GOP headquarters almost a block away, and to the IWD (Iowa Workforce Development) network half a block away.
Geesh, guys, turn your power down a bit, eh?  
You give me too much fun and entertainment with those things cranked up.