Charlotte WCCB Gone?

Anyone near Charlotte NC having issues with the signal for WCCB 18? I normally get 18-5 (CW), 18-6 (Antenna), 18-7 (MeTV), & 18-8 (QVC). I cannot get any signal yesterday or today. Not sure if the weather did something to their transmitters or what. I don’t have any other issues with other channels.


I live in Mooresville, and use 18-1, 18-2, and 18-3 for WCCB, and they all work fine, and have all weekend. Hopefully your issue has resolved itself.

They came back in. It must have been an issue with the weather and their transmitter that is a little east of Morganton. Glad they came back but missed Sci-Fi Saturday night and Svengoolie. :grinning: