Chapter markings within recording

I’m a first-week user of Tablo, and enjoying it so far.  My setup is using Airplay via an iPad, to my AppleTV to view content.

On the iPad app, there is a 30 second skip button - but when using the apply remote it doesn’t quite work that way if no chapter markings are available.  Per Apple at the following applies:

Skip to the next or previous chapter (if no chapter markers are present, this will skip 1/20th of the video length, or 30 second intervals whichever is longer.) Press - then the forward or rewind button to skip chapters Press the Down button, then Right or Left to skip chapters.

This feature request is to automatically add chapters - pie in the sky would be chapter markings that denote commercials, allowing the chapter skip button to be one-click and commercials would be skipped.

Barring that, automatically encoding chapter markings at 30-second intervals would then allow that function to work via the remote, instead of having to pull out that iPad to skip commercials on a recording.