Channels shutting down, new ones coming

I read that the Twist channel was going to shut down. A number of possible channels were named to take it’s place at the beginning of 2024. Twist was replaced this morning by the Crime Network. Now we have 2 Crime channels. This might be temporary since this puts 2 crime channels as subchannels on the same transmitter.

Be aware that more changes are coming soon for the new year.

… “Twist”? Is that a Legacy channel, cuz I’ve never seen that and I still don’t see it…

Twist is (was) an OTA channel available in limited areas only. Most won’t have it. YMMV with regards to how important it was.

Ahhh… I’m with you now. Thanks for the clarity!

I did just see some advert (possibly recorded) yesterday about making sure to scan for new stations. This has inevitably led to my “sometimes broadcasting” station to once again disappear. Who knows what type of channel it will be in a week or two! (This would be the one that… 1-has no guide, and… 2-Tablo support can’t get a lock on either because it’s constantly switching station IDs!)

Having duplicates of channels sucks, especially if it’s something we don’t like. At one point we had 2 Decades, only to be changed to zero Decades and then two MeTV appeared. Luckily, one MeTV changed to Antenna a little later. SMH. Love it!

I mentioned several times this year that the OTA channels will be in flux. The reason being that many media groups lease subchannels on transmitters owned by others. Some are starting to consolidate their channels to one transmitter as leases run out. there will be times when one channel will show in 2 places for a while. Some OTA networks will go away completely in some areas and transition to FAST, which is cheaper but leaves those with out fast enough internet left out in the cold.

Lots more. The 365 and Outlaw start Jan 1. Here in Chicago, they are on WPVN 24-4 and 24-8. They are already running a preview loop.

Later in the month, we will be getting an ATSC 3.0 lighthouse. It appears it will be using WBBM’s transmitter on RF12. WBBM will co-channel with WGN on WGN’s existing RF19. No idea where their various subchannels will go. WBBM and WGN have the best PQ of the majors. It will probably turn into the fuzzy mush that is WMAQ (NBC, also co-channels with Telemundo WSNS) unless they drop to 720p.

Twist was a Tegna channel. So if you OTA tegna you probably have/had Twist. Tegna also has Quest and True Crime networks. So we get 2 sub-channels with True Crime until Tegna figures out what to do.

Circle is also shutting down OTA but keeping streaming though renaming it.