Channels not displaying

The past two weeks or so, my program guide will not display the listings. Not sure of a fix. I tried reloading and restart of box to no avail. Please help. thanks!

Same here. It looks like the new update addresses that.

Is it because of the update?

No. The guide provider made some changes to how they provide the guide data which in turn caused the issue you are having. The update 2.2.16 has the fix to resolve this issue. They are pushing that out now. Not sure how to link other threads but search for that version number for the details.

Update your firmware to .16

I don’t think that update was pushed out to me yet.

Until you get the Tablo v2.2.16 firmware update, a workaround is to go to the Tablo Settings page, and change your location to a nearby ZIP code, let it rescan for channels, and select the ones you want.

Thanks, will give it a try.

If anyone is experiencing this, pop support a note and we can get you the .16 firmware ASAP.

I have had this problem for several weeks. How does one “pop support a note”?


Edit: Upgraded, now most of my channels have listings displayed. Thanks!
Edit #2: Now all channels are showing data.