Channelmaster AND Tablo Together?

Anyone ever tried using a Channelmaster DVR+ along side a Tablo?
i just wonder if the channel surfing on the DVR + would be comparable to DirecTV DVR and then you’d also have the 4 channels of the Tablo to record everything.

What would be the point?

While I think DVR+ would be better in terms of channel surfing, I don’t see the need for it if you are not planning on recording anything on it. If all you want to do is have a good channel surfing experience, just split your antenna line. One go es to Tablo to record your shows, the other straight to the TV. Unless you have some weird TV that doesn’t have a built TV tuner, you can do all your channel surfing directly from your TV for free. Even if you did need a TV tuner, there are plenty tuners with no DVR capabilities that are way cheaper than the Channel Master DVR+

Point is trying to re create the Directv DVR channel surfing speed for the wife. Me I don’t care. But to get her on board it needs to be speedy. And my TV has a tuner but it’s slow as well. Maybe it’s just that we haven’t had to deal with anything BUT Dtv since 2000.

What device are you using to consume Tablo right now?

I just put a splitter on the coax and use the input button - a little hard on the finger, but works great

I have a splitter so I can and do use just tuner on Samsung Tv cHannes chage fairly well on that bUT as I said. Im tring to make it feEl lIke Dtv dvr for wife approval factor. Might just have to sTay withDTV for a whike lionger… Using a FireTV box for Tablo. Upstairs I use a Roku 3. ROKU also in basement for occasional use while working out. Samsung tablet for setting record schedule.

Your other option for fast channel changing is the HDHomeRun unit with the Plex DVR.

Another option is the Tablo ENGINE on a NVIDIA Shield - this records in native MPEG2 so the channel changing is instantaneous. If you like Tablo, this is a great option. Most like your DTV DVR experience I think. You’ll need the Tablo TUNER USB adapter as well. See link below:

The HDHomeRun app can get you the live with fast channel changes on FireTV if you get a HDHomeRun Connect or Extend (No grid guide, they have a “slice” guide instead)

Roku, however, is a whole different animal. Any live OTA has to be transcoded to run there, so you are back to the same old- same old with channel changes.

I actually use 2x HDHomeRun Connect for my (2x NVidia Shield, PC, tablets, etc) to do live.