Channel Surf 4th Gen Tablo?

I’m using the Roku Ultra and the 2 tuner 4th generation Tablo. I can’t figure out how to do some form of channel surfing for live TV. When I go to a live channel, I can’t channel up or down and I can’t find how to bring up some kind of mini guide over the playing program. The only way I seem to be able to channel surf is to exit out of the live program that I’m watching to go back to the guide to scroll through it.

That was a feature of the Roku app for the legacy Tablo. It was a nice feature, and hopefully it can be incorporated into the 4th gen app someday.

For now, the home page displays some shows that are live you might be interested in, and you can go to the live guide to look at all the shows. You just can’t watch something and browse at the same time like in the legacy app.

Would you consider the android/fire app overlay in any way comparable to the “channel surfing” option in legacy models?

Legacy with Roku, while watching live TV pressing up brings mini guide up can scroll thru one at a time or by pages, select channel for other tuner, to switch between tuners press up mini guide comes up press left button.

From your description, it sounds like you can see farther ahead than what’s currently on.

Shows what’s on then and next, unfortunately can’t scroll any further out, that would be nice.

Yeah, I know that but my question is in regards to the new 4th generation tuners. Thank you.

There is a slightly similar feature for the 4th gen Tablo if you’re using an android or firetv device, but it only shows you what’s currently one.

Yeah,I was responding to 269587, he doesn’t have a legacy. Thank you