Channel signal to weak to Tablo but good on TV

Hi, I am experiencing an issue when a specific channel’s reception is working great when I look on TV, but tablotv keep complaining that the signal is weak. As per TV signal strengt show as normal to good.

I I try to tune to the channel on Tablo, is say signal weak, if I try to rescan channel it just doesn’t see it.

At first I thouhg the issue could be due to LTE, therefore I purchase/added an LTE Filter, but issue persist :confused:

RF Channel 26, digital station 17-1 (Monteal, Qc)

Has anyone experience similar issue?

Than for you help!

Searching, you’ll find this issue dates back to the first generation tablo. It’s something they’re aware of the issue and it’s on their road map. :wink:

Although Tablo Engineer doesn’t explain, many suggest it’s the multiple tuner thing. Or the TV tuner is strictly a tuner while the tablo has dual purpose (at least in previous generation) for example to generate thumbnails. It’s not the processor but used for processing.

As well as many other hypothesis. …has anyone experience similar issue - YES, many

@TabloSupport @TabloEngineering Yes, I have a similar issue. I have a daily recording set for one show on the same channel at the same time each day. Signal strength shows max. For the past two weeks, I get perfect recording/playback about 4 days out of 5, but one day each week I have problems with the playback.

On problem playback, the video will begin to pixelate and tear, then go to blue screen with a failure to decode or waiting for data message, including suggestion that both are due to weak signal. In both cases, when I check the signal, still shows at max. No change to antenna location or orientation, no change to power supplied, no change to hardware connections, no change in external weather conditions (temp range/wind/sunny day), always played back on Fire TV Cube app.

On most recent problem, the one hour show was broken into 4 parts, 4 separate recordings, each about 15 minutes in length. All 4 parts showed same pixelation/bluescreen failure issue.

So far, I have been performing rescan on Sunday evening before the new week of recording begins. Problem recording in both weeks were at the end of the week, as if something in the Tablo Gen4 is “getting tired.” And I am recording to external Samsung 2TB SSD, not using internal storage. And this is the ONLY show being recorded, so less than 2% of the available storage in use.

So, @TabloSupport , any thoughts on causes? Known issue being worked? Firmware issue? Suggestions?

Have not experience the pixilating now with roof antenna (4 days now), but did when I had an indoor antenna.
I have had screen go black during playback just yesterday.
Had to rewind a couple times and play again to get it to work.

It’s worth making a note about what else is going on in and around the house during the recording on day 5 that’s NOT happening the rest of the week.

We’ve had customers with similar complaints where it turned out the neighbor was parking his RV in front of the antenna on weekends or they had turned on new outdoor lighting that was causing antenna interference.

@TabloTV Thanks for the feedback. The antenna is about 25 feet above average ground level, so vehicle movement no likely a factor. The show that is scheduled to record begins daily at 10:00 am, generally a very “quiet” time in the neighborhood. Will continue to watch for any anomalies, though.

For now, did a rescan as before on Sunday evening to freshen up the signal data. The playback of Monday’s recording was rock solid. Will see how the remainder of the week plays out.


I’ve seen similar issues at times. It’s worth noting that your Tablo splits the signal to it’s tuners (2 or 4 times, depending on the model), so you could have a degradation due to that, especially if the signal is borderline. Weather can be a factor, as I’ve had no issues on exactly the same channel at exactly the same time, and next time it’s a problem. It’s like TV channel voodoo! I’ve also found the Tablo channel guide isn’t that great on showing signal strength, i.e., I see green dots, but still get a bad signal. I think I read it’s not only the signal strength but signal quality that can cause issues.