Channel Scan returned incorrect station names

Today I moved the location of my indoor antenna closer to the window and so I initiated a re-scan of my channels. All the same channels I had before have come through, however all the names of the stations are completely wrong now. I live in San Francisco, so for example, channel 44-1 is CW, however now shows as PBS. Channel 2-1 is Fox, now shows as ABC. Channel 5-1 is CBS, now shows as ESCAPE. Channel 11-1 is NBC, now shows as MBCD

All were correct before and I had no issues. I’ve re-scanned multiple times and all these incorrect names continue to show up.

Anyone know how to correct this?

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Check that your zip code is correct in settings, then do another guide update. Actually, edit the zip code even if it’s correct and put in a nearby one. That’s force a new download.

You don’t need to do another channel scan (edit channel lineup).

I tried a few zip codes and that didn’t change anything. I altered the zip code to Nebraska and did a full re scan and finally the names of the stations changed (to incorrect names but at least they changed). I then tried another zip code change to my correct one and did a full rescan and the station names changed back to the incorrect/odd ones in my area.

Any other suggestions?

Open a support ticket. Sounds like the guide data provider messed up.

We saw your ticket come in today - we’re taking a look on our end, and we’ll be in touch!

I also started having the same issue yesterday after changing antenna location and doing a rescan - in the Rochester NY area - so the issue does not appear to be limited to a specific region. I also submitted a ticket at 11:19 AM EST yesterday, but have had no response yet.

I am having the same issue. In the St Louis MO area- opened support ticket yesterday. They are working it. For me, this seems to be isolated to the fire tv, android based apps. When I do the rescan and add to guide process using the Xbox One it works as expected. The good thing is that the shows appear and record as expected, it’s really just a display of the actual channel name that is off.

Same issue in Providence RI. Ticket filed yesterday.

On initial completion of re-scan, station names are correct (i.e. before the Guide kicks in?). But, subsequently, when viewing Live TV, or channel list under TV Shows, or Active Stations under Settings, station numbers and names are mismatched. Same problem whether using Roku app, Ios app, or web app via Chrome.

Just happened to me here in Pensacola FL (32507)

I noticed this issue goes all the way back to 2015. Has Tablo support EVER found a solution? If so, why not publicize it?

Having same issue in Atlanta, Ga today.
I have opened up a ticket
Affecting all my devices Apple TV iPhone iPad Safari

Having same issue here in Plano TX.

Have rebooted and factory reset, still the same problem.

Hi folks!

We are aware of this issue and will have a fix in the next firmware update which is in beta testing now.

The guide data for those channels is still accurate, but the network labels or affiliate callsigns are incorrect.

The source of the issue is an unexpected change from our guide provider. The sort order of the data we use for network labels/callsigns was altered, which has created the mismatches.

I’m also in St. Louis, having the same problem. Thought it might have been related to my support ticket earlier today asking to get channel 45 WODK-LD added to my guide, but after reading this I guess not.
In the attachment below, the first column is what I get when doing a channel scan (tried three times to fix the issue) before clicking Add to Guide. The second column is what I get after the guide refreshes.

I have the same issue just this week. I placed a ticket today ad then found this forum with it. Sounds like its not on the user end and it will be resolved this week?

Same issue in Atlanta. Tried rescan again. No joy.

Just got a new Tablet for Black Friday, and installed Tablo. Channel guide there is correct. Still off on Roku.

I just purchased a Tablo today and as others have stated, I am having incorrect channel names. Hopefully this firmware fix is released soon.

Using Roku as my client.

Same issue here in Baton Rouge, LA 70809. Channel names appear correct upon initial re-scan, but then immediately get jumbled up again.

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Also, just to clarify, I’m talking about the Tablo ENGINE app for the NVIDIA SHIELD, but I assume all devices are affected.