Channel Scan hangs on 0/0

I have a 4 tuner box that I am working on some antenna issues with (trying a few different kinds to test for best reception). The Tablo is connected to my home network via ethernet cable.

I problem I have is that my Tablo doesn’t seem to start really channel scanning, (e.g. 0/0) and just seems to “hang”. I’ve tried rebooting, using different devices (mac, iPad), resetting, etc. This is including with known-good antenna setup that worked the other day with the same exact Tablo (albeit with limited channel reception).

I’m not sure if the channel scan is really running on the Tablo box, or if there are other issues here going on.

Since this is a test setup for me (I haven’t really started using it yet) I even tried a factory reset and it still doesn’t seem to start a channel scan.

I had this happen once before, and honestly the problem eventually seemed to fix itself after many frustrating hours, but now I’m here again, and if I can’t get this channel scan to work again it’s back to being an expensive doorstop.

I’m feeling like the webpage is just running things on the app side, but the box isn’t really responding.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Have you checked to make sure your antenna is working ie hook it up to your tv and see how many channels you get. You Must get a good pic on the tv first, because your Tablo has a four way spitter inside - one for each tuner. Be aware that antenna signal can vary a lot during weather changes.

It’s the exact same antenna in the same place that worked with this Tablo not 4 hours ago. I was trying to test a new antenna when this scanning issue started and was trying to revert to last known good, but it’s still not scanning.

It seems like there’s something hanging in the process, but I don’t know how to reset (a factory reset isn’t doing it)

It is entirely possible you have a defective unit where the tuners have died. This is not the norm, I’ve had mine since May 2014 and it still works.

Return it to where you purchased it for a new one. Or if past the return date, Tablo has a 1 year warranty, they will send you a new one.

That’s a new one on me, mate, even though I’ve done scads of channel scan because of different antennas and positioning. Give this a try: unplug your disk, push and release the little blue button on the back, and then do the channel scan. If that still doesn’t work, give support a shout – maybe you found a “bog” or maybe something’s buggered on your Tablo. I haven’t called the support line in well over a year, but they helped even this old tech muddler.

@Charles_Nilsen Were you able to get this sorted out?

No, called yesterday and left a message for tech support - no call back yet.

@Charles_Nilsen Can you PM me a number we can reach you at, along with your Tablo’s MAC address? We can take a look. Your MAC address can be found on the bottom of your Tablo, it usually looks something like this: 5087B800XXXX.

Pm sent. Hoping to get a reply.

When I need to do a Tablo rescan I always make sure I do it through my Nexus player. When I do it through my iPad the thing goes to sleep then loses connection to my wireless network and the scan ultimately fails. To recover I have to reboot Tablo. The Nexus player stays awake much longer giving Tablo plenty of time to scan. Just my 2 cents.

Here is a string to pull on. If you have a connection to the router but not to the internet, the scan will hang forever. They try to pull in the channel names and seem to have forgotten to time that out and show an error.

The same happened to me when my ISP died and magically worked when the internet connection was restored.

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