Channel scan does not include 46-1 (CBS)

I cannot get CBS on my Tablo.  When I scan the channels, it is not one that is listed.  61 out of 62 channels give 5 green dots which means they are strong.  I don’t want all 61 channels but I do want CBS 46-1.  Why is it not  listed? And how can I get it?  The station is about 3 ½ miles from my house.

I have the following:
Tablo-4 Tuner
Flat Wave Amped Indoor Amplifies HDTV Antenna by Winegard FLATFL5500Y
WD Elements 2 TB Hard drive
Apple TV
Vizio TV XVT553SV
Xfinity Modem/Router Arris TG862CT

Is one of these causing the problem?

I wonder if the amplified antennae is just too strong to pick up a signal so close to your home.  If you remove the amplifier, does it help any?  

If you connect your amplified antenna to your tv directly, does it pick up the station?

When the antenna is plugged directly into the TV without going through Tablo, I get CBS just fine.

What if you unplug the amplifier? Does the Tablo get CBS on a re-scan?

I don’t know how to remove the amplifier.  And Tablo does not return my calls.  I’ve left 3 messages.  I’m about ready to give up and try Tivo.

Did you not set up your OTA antenna?

The amplifier is the white box with the Micro USB port that you plug the USB cable in to. If you unplug the USB cable from the antenna then it is a non-amplified antenna. A non-amplified antenna works well for many people. Give it a try and re-scan.

theuser86  Thanks for being persistent with me.  My husband, age 70 set up the antenna and I am trying to hook up the rest of the equipment…I am 69 and it’s not so easy but I am persistent.  

 I figured out how to unplug the amplifier and it still did not give me CBS.  It made the signal weaker on a lot of other channels.

Thank you for trying to help me.  Do you have anymore ideas?

The weaker signal on a lot of channels is expected and appropriate for unplugging the amplifier.

This is a very weird issue. When you plug the antenna directly into the HDTV, did you do a re-scan? Or just were able to watch CBS?

@kitchenangel We’re sorry to have missed you - what number did you try and reach us at? 

As @theuser86 mentioned, you’re getting some pretty odd results. I think the best way to narrow this down would be through a remote session to your Tablo. This way we can run a channel scan directly on 46.1 to see what’s going on.

We’ll reach out to you privately to get this set up!

@kitchenangel You are probably experiencing signal overload. 3-1/2 miles probably too close to be using an amplified antenna. I would definitely try an antenna that does not have an amp in the system at all. Simply unplugging it from the power source is a good way to start, but will not give you accurate results because the signal is still passing through the preamp and power supply thus losing decibels.

Out of curiosity I plugged Decatur, GA into and if that is in fact where you are from you definitely shouldn’t be using an amplified antenna. I know it sounds strange that too much signal is a bad thing, but in this case I truly believe that is what’s causing your issue. All of your local broadcast towers are within 10 miles so I think your amp is doing more harm than good.

kitchenangel, I’m in Sugar Hill, GA, so maybe 25 miles north from you and probably 30 miles from the tower, yet 46.1 (CBS) is one of my strongest channels. Issue for me is 11.1 (NBC). It’s also one of the very few on VHF.

Thanks for all the feedback.  Which antenna do you recommend?

ok guys, I disconnected everything and unplugged the antenna amplifier.  I rescanned all the channels and you were right…I got everything I wanted including CBS without the amplifier.  So then I hooked the Tablo and Apple TV back up and scanned and I got 5 green dots on everything I wanted BUT CBS IS STILL NOT ON THE LIST.

Does Tablo have issues with CBS?  What should I try next?  

If Tablo Support is reading this, I called 613-454-5615 and 844-822-5688, a voice told me to leave a message which I did and said they would get back to me which they did NOT.  I will be home after 1:00pm EDT today if you want to call me.  I don’t know how to leave a private message with my phone number but I sent it to you in an email so you should have it.

Has @tablosupport gotten in touch with you? Obviously they can help you a lot more through the remote session, but I can give you suggestions. I have never used a store bought indoor antenna because I built my own out of coat hangers and a piece of wood and placed it in my attic, but I would think something like a mohu leaf 30 or something similar should be sufficient for your location. Just make sure it isn’t amplified.

Tablo support finally called me back.  With their direction I put the Tablo in remote access mode.  Just their looking at it remotely (they said they did nothing) solved my problem. They did say if I wanted to call them back to send an email first to alert them to the issue I wanted to solve.  I want to use this in Barcelona when I visit my son to be able to access my Tablo remotely…won’t that be cool if it works.  

 I did a rescan and CBS 46-1 appeared in the scan list.  I just loaded all the shows from CBS onto the iPad.  

So my husband and I will test these Tablo/AppleTV gadgets out to make sure they keep working.  He is more resistant to change than I am…he is balking at using an iPAD instead of a remote to get his shows.  I told him it will good for our old brains to learn some new tricks.

Thank you to Tablo Support, snowcat, theuser86, KyleR, and hdmkv for all the comments and suggestions.  I feel elated for being able to get it all to work…this technology stuff is hard.

I have used the Tablo in Europe, and it works fine.  It’s not that great in hotels with weak internet, but if your son has good internet, it will work just like in America.

If you want to use the Tablo remotely, make sure Tablo Connect is enabled and set up properly.