Channel scan differences

Would it be possible to make a list showing the differences between channel scans? For example sometimes I lose channels between scans and it’s hard to know which aren’t coming through. Also vice versa, “here’s the new channels added since your last scan”


Obviously, reception issues with different weather, tree leaves, and tropospheric interference can affect things. About the only thing is to try and keep track of the channels you normally select and make sure they are still there. Also, keep track of the total channel count, which ideally would not change unless channels have been added/removed from a location station.

I created a spreadsheet with all the channels I get. And review it once and a while for changes. It includes the real vs virtual channel, descriptions/call letters, resolution, the direction/city and signal strength at the time I scanned them on my TV. Even added the FAST channels eventually even though I’ve never watched any of them.

I’m a retired engineer who lived in spreadsheets for too many years. I do this to try to keep my brain fresh.

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Spreadsheets are my go-to for collecting any set of data… But it sounds like your habit goes back farther than my 30 years… :).

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Yup, spreadsheets are my go-to for all our recipes. Makes it very simple to change quantities.

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