Channel on Legacy but not 4th gen

Channel ,20.1 is on Legacy but not the 4th gen. Does Legacy decode MPEG4 and 4Th gen not?

Channel 20.1 Call Letters?

KADF-LD is ACE in Austin 20.1

I can tell you that the legacy 3rd Gen network Tablo does not have the MPEG-4 video codec, so I can’t detect WAPT 16.6 HSN in Jackson, Mississippi (not a big loss in my book). I am not sure about the legacy 3rd Gen HDMI Tablo though.

I have original Quad and it received channel 20.1. 4fh gen does not get it. I am trying to find the specs.

Sell the gen 4 - keep the OG quad.

I didn’t see if Mpeg 2 or 4. Maybe @TabloTV can tell me if 4th gen decides MPEG4

That was a list of stations rabbitears knows as broadcasting mpeg4. Your station wasn’t in the list. Why do you think it is broadcasting mpeg4.

Original Tablo Quad received it and the 4tn gen doesn’t. 4th gen
. Tablo didn’t list what it decodes. Same antenna on both. Amplifier on or off does not make a difference

Beside saying it transcoded to H.264 HLS the OG model didn’t say what OTA input format was supported.

But Legacy DOES show it, which is why I want to know about 4th gen. Rabbitears could have missed some stations or station could have changed.

Don’t see it.

| — | — |

Details|Type|External TV Tuner Box|
| — | — |
|Specifications|Concurrent Streams:
Watch and record up to four shows at once
Stream to up to six devices at once

No onboard storage
Support for up to 8TB USB hard drive

Ethernet 10/100
2 x USB 2.0

1GB Flash

100 Mbps Ethernet
802.11n dual band Wi-Fi with MIMO

1.54" x 6.85" x 4.57"

14.40 oz.|

TV TV Tuner Four Tuners

Tuner Video Format H.264 (HLS: HTTP Live Streaming)

System System Requirements To set up your Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR you need:
An Over-the-Air HDTV antenna
An internet connection
A USB hard drive - this is required both for watching live TV and recording
A Wi-Fi-enabled computer (Chrome/Safari browser) OR a mobile device (iPad/iPhone w/ iOS7+ OR Android smartphone/tablet w/ Android 4.1+)

To watch Tablo content on your big screen, you’ll need one of these:
A Smart TV powered by: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV, or most LG WebOS 2.0 and 3.0 or Samsung TIZEN operating systems; OR
A Set-Top-Box/Streaming Media Device: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or AppleTV, or Nvidia SHIELD, or Xiaomi MiBox; OR
A Streaming Stick: Roku Stick, or Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Chromecast dongle (casting from an Android device or Chrome browser); OR
A Gaming System: Nvidia SHIELD, or XBox One; OR
An HDMI-enabled computer: Tablo web app in Chrome/Safari

Features Features 4 Over-the-Air ATSC Tuners
A 4-Tuner Tablo DVR can stream or record up to four live OTA TV channels at once.

Ethernet OR Wi-Fi Connection
Tablo is the only OTA DVR that offers Wi-Fi in addition to Ethernet to give cord cutters the flexibility to place their TV antenna where it will get the best OTA reception.

Whole-Home & Out-of-Home Streaming
Watch your favorite live and recorded TV shows on to up to six internet-connected devices inside and outside your home.

Virtually Unlimited Storage
Bring your own storage: Connect a USB hard drive (up to 8TB) to your Tablo to record up to 2000 hours of full quality HDTV.

Package Contents Package Contents Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR
Power Supply
3’ Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guide

Additional Information Date First Available June 25, 2014

This is Legacy. H.264 video format is MPEG4 (I Googled). That explains why Legacy 5receves it.

What about 4,th gen?

Edit; found it and 4,th gen is only MPEG2 as I expected. Now if @TabloTV will inform support

The latest version of Tablo hardware has been totally redesigned inside and out, with a sleek new form factor that is flexible enough to mount on your wall or sit on a table.

Inside Tablo are two powerful ATSC 1.0 tuners which deliver full quality MPEG2 video and an optional in-line amplifier to help lock in over-the-air channels from your TV antenna. There’s also 50+ hours of onboard DVR recording storage which can be expanded by connecting a USB hard drive (up to 8TB).

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