Channel number changed and Tablo will no longer receive

I purchased a Tablo Quad HDMI last fall and it worked fine until 2 of my stations changed their channel number 4 months ago. Global TV channel 29 RF 35 changed to channel 35 RF 35. CHCH TV channel 51 RF 14 changed to channel 14.3 RF 14. My TV picked them up on a rescan no problem. I receive such a good signal that my TV will receive these channels from my mast mounted antenna with or without a preamp. I have tried everything support has suggested with no sucess. As soon as these station numbers changed, my Tablo stopped receiving them. I have tried the signal using no preamp, with 17db,30 db and as high as 50 db on my Tablo with no sucess but my TV picks them up no matter what I use. I tried a factory reset a few times as well. I live in southern Ontario. Has anyone else had an issue with these stations ? Just wondering if the broadcasters have done something that is not compatible with Tablo.

Well I don’t know what all you have tried, but you didn’t mention doing a channel rescan in Tablo.

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If @wireless did a factory reset then a fresh channel scan would have been required.

Running and saving a scan is always a good first step when it comes to channels that can no longer be received.

However, in this case, I’m wondering if the broadcasters may have switched from MPEG-2 broadcasts to MPEG-4.

We have seen it with a small handful of channels in the US, but none in Canada yet. And unfortunately there isn’t a readily available list of channels broadcasting in that format in Canada.

Legacy Tablo devices cannot decode those broadcasts.

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According to Wikipedia, CHCH-DT in Hamilton, Ontario only has one channel 11.1, at least for the main transmitter. It looks like they have several other transmitters. London has one with a PSIP of 51 and RF of 14. Given that these all appear to have no subchannels, I would assume they are MPEG2.

I’ve been dealing with Tablo support for months and have tried everything they suggested with no success. That includes dozens of rescans.

Maybe that is the issue. I’ll email the stations to see if they will share that info. If they respond, I’ll share info here. shows CHCH has a transmitter near Alvinston and Global TV has a transmitter near Oil Springs area which are the towers I get my signals from. I find many websites are not up to date on some details when channel numbers or broadcast frequencies get changed.