Channel missing after rescan


I know that other users have reported problems like this before, but maybe I missed seeing a solution. Our local rescan day was last Friday, but because of Hurricane Dorian here in North Carolina, our statewide PBS station and others were allowed to delay the rescan until yesterday. I rescanned and everything came up fine except for the PBS station. I get absolutely no acknowledgement that it exists when I rescan. Not just a weak signal - totally not there. I have not heard of any problems with the station network-wise, so even if there were problems with the transmitters along the coast, that shouldn’t affect those of us further inland relying on other transmitters. Short of contacting our local PBS station, are there any tweaks that I can use with the Tablo to resolve this problem? Thanks.


It’s possible that some stations are operating at lower power as they finalize/tweak their setups after the repack. If that’s the case, another rescan in a few days should pick it up again.

However, it’s possible that it’s changed from UHF to VHF frequency and your antenna doesn’t support it and/or it’s changed broadcast locations and it’s further away/receiving interference.