Channel Master Black Friday 2015 deal announced

Will Tablo step up to the plate with a deal of its own? We’ll have to wait and see.

I hope not because I just bought my Tablo a couple weeks ago!

They already posted a refurb special… It would be great if they would offer a great deal, I MIGHT buy one for my parents depending on how much the total was.

But, I don’t know how much the DVR+ is an incentive for them to do that. I am sure for a few customers, they may could go either route, but for most of us, these two systems are simply too far apart in how they operate for it to be a fair comparison / competitor.

I have quite a few TVs in my home and travel a lot for work, the channel master isn’t an option.

Again though, just for the sake of it being the holidays and the biggest shopping days of the year, I do still hope they have their own specials.

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Check out the Channel Master DVR+ Owners Thread on AVS. They are up to 332 pages at this time - the main reason I took a chance with Tablo over 18 mths ago!!! And I am a happy camper :grinning:

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The grass is always greener on the other side. The mud on this side is always muddier than the mud on the other side.

There’s nothing stopping them from offering a rebate or working out a deal so can bundle a quad player and 5 TB disk. That is the way I ended up with a quad, because a disk was bundled in at Newegg and not Amazon. Amazon wouldn’t match so I canceled and got from Newegg. Saved the sales tax too :slight_smile:

I’m happy with my Tablo too. I like being able to bring it with me, and I especially like that they are active in the forum and listen to the customers. I just wish that the description for Tablo at Newegg and Amazon said 5 GHz WiFi or wired network required. Since there is a recommended hard disk thread, why not a recommended Router and cablemodem? All the pieces add up for the best @TabloTV experience.

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