Channel listing

After performing a scan I go to live TV Then a guide is displayed. The problem is for my Phoenix CBS channel 5.1 the show descriptions are for a Las Vegas 5.1 station. The actual programs I get are correct. Just the description is wrong. This happens with another independent station where the guide shows descriptions for NBC Las Vegas. Once again if I watch a program it is correct. I have rescanned the guide several times but nothing changes.

A common thing to try, use a different nearby zip code and see if you get the same results.

I tried that using a nearby zip and also a Phoenix zip. I still get LAS VEGAS descriptions. Thanks for trying.

If I go to my DISH network (soon to be cut as soon as Tablo works) I get correct information for my two problem channels.

If the problem persists you should contact Tablo directly, then they can get with their guide provider to fix.

Indeed. If it’s still not right tomorrow, let us know:

My problem still exists.
My channel listing shows Las Vegas NBC programming information for KTVK 3-1 PHX.
Channel listing 5-1 shows Las Vegas FOX for CBS in PHX
Channel listing 10-1 shows Las Vegas PBS for FOX in PHX

I have rescanned many times for two days using deferent ZIP codes.
When scanning the channel descriptions are correct, but they change to incorrect when scanning is done.

Before the TABLO QUAD all channels scanned properly using my DISH hopper.

This has got to be fixed as I cannot record future programs properly. I will have to return to AMAZON if no solution is possible.

David Johnson
Fort Mohave AZ

Try a zip code much closer to Phoenix than you are. Like 85390 in Wickenburg.

Looking at a map, you’re actually closer to Las Vegas than Phoenix, which is why the guide provider thinks you’re getting LV stations.

I have tried a Phoenix zip with same result. Actually all of our OTA channels come off translators nearby. Scans done by my TV and by my DISH hopper have all been correct. Thanks for your comments.

Then it sounds like the translators are using different frequencies than the main station. In which case this will have to be corrected with the guide provider. Use the link that @TabloTV posted above to open a support ticket.