Channel listing triplicated... so far

I only got my Tablo yesterday and so far, I’m very happy with it - the experience has been pretty amazing with an iPad and an AppleTV mainly, even though the Tablo is on WiFI, both LiveTV and recordings seem to work flawlessly so far - much better than the HD Homerun I’d been using previously.

However, I’ve run into a weird problem with channel listings in the guide, which is a particular problem in the Live TV guide. After updating my Tablo to firmware 2.1.14, the device reset and I had to go through the channel scan, etc again. When the scan was complete and the guide updated, I ended up with duplicate listings of all the channels that had been found during the original scan, like CBC, CIII, etc. I searched the forums and saw this discussion:

Based on the comments there, I figured I’d try to reset the Tablo. I did this and it didn’t go very well - my Tablo could not be found by any of my devices once reset (by pressing and releasing the button on it immediately). I then power cycled it, which caused it to reset again and it came back to life. Another channel scan was now required and to my dismay, all the channels that had duplicate listings are now triplicated!

This is getting frustrating, because in the Live TV guide, I can see only 1-2 channels since they are duplicated so many times, before having to scroll to the next ones. When I opt to record something, I see the available episodes triplicated as well… How exactly do I fix this?

Since I don’t have much recorded/scheduled yet, I’d try a factory reset but I can’t find any documentation on how to trigger one vs a “standard” reset? All I can find is this article, which is pretty poor:

Any ideas? It now seems if my Tablo resets for any reason (crash, firmware update, manual reset), I’ll end up with yet another copy of the scanned channels in the listings… (only one entry for each channel is in fact present in the channel line up - the duplication is entirely in the guide).