Channel lineup mismatch

I’m in the Phoenix area. In the channel guide, 45-2 is listed as MOVIES channel and 45-3 is listed as BUZZER. However, the actual content on each channel is reversed. That is to say, movies is on 45-3 and buzzer is on 45-2. Is there any way to correct this so the listing data is correct?

Doing some brief research, 45-3 is supposed to be BUZZER and 45-2 is supposed to be MOVIES, and it looks like if you use your antenna to your tv, you would get that. But it isn’t acting that way on the Tablo or Recast. Not sure where the problem lies.

Yes, I saw the same thing. Both are listed as where they are supposed to be, but they are in actuality reversed.

It’s interesting that the OP on that thread is pointing to incorrect tuning table on the recast. I’m wondering if it’s a similar issue with the Tablo? Only someone from Tablo can make sense of this. It would be nice to see a post from them in this thread.

It’s really a guide issue, not a Tablo issue. You can submit a ticket to the Tablo folks, and they can work with their guide provider to fix it.

Well, after reading that link you posted, I’m not so sure, which admittedly sounds kinda strange. I want to hook up a TV direct to an antenna and see what I get then. I’ll post back here once I do.

Try it. Your HDTV uses the PSIP info in the stream. The Tablo does not do that cause the PSIP info doesn’t contain 14 days of guide data.

I tried it and yes, the TV tunes correctly vs. the Tablo being incorrect. Is there a Tablo solution to this mismatch?

The guide is technically correct in that it listed 45-2 as MOVIES and 45-3 as BUZZER. But when you tune to those channels, they are reversed. This sounds like more of a tuner issue than a guide issue, doesn’t it?

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Open a support ticket directly with Tablo. They will fix it, but if it’s a guide issue it will take a few weeks for the guide provider to fix it.

If it’s a Tablo firmware issue with the tuner then I’d expect a longer time for a fix.

What is channel 45-3 supposed to be according to the broadcaster? You say it’s called BUZZER but shows movie content.

It might help Tablo if they know what the broadcast channel is. If OP looks at and puts in their zip code, then look under REAL and include the information in the ticket.

Some time back I had a tuner problem, but it was all the channels, not just one. It was a beta version of Tablo, and they had it fixed in a couple of days. I would say it would take the guide provider longer to fix, based on my recent experience. It took 2 weeks just to add data for a new sub cchannel DECADES, which the guide provider all ready had DECADES schedule.

I can only assume that for Phoenix it’s KUTP Fox10 whose WEB site, WikI page, and titantv all say Movies on 45-2 and BUZZR 45-3.

Yep, opened a ticket. TV Fool lists KUTP as the broadcaster for 45.1 (real is 26), however, they don’t list 45.2 or 45.3.

BUZZER is a game show channel, MOVIES is well, old movies. While the guide shows data in accordance with how it’s supposed to be, content on the two is reversed. My current workaround is manual mode, but that’s a bit of a PITA

I guess I would believe KUTP. But Arizona seems to have situations.

Ok so, support got back with me and had me delete out the problem channels, add to guide, rescan, re-add the channels. This worked. I don’t understand it, but it worked! Thanks.