Channel line up editing

Is anyone else having issues with channel line up editing and changes not taking effect?  I just got my 4 tuner Tablo today and selected all bunch of channels that the channel scan found because I didn’t know what they were and wanted to see.  So I went through them and the ones I didn’t want I unchecked from the channel line up then clicked the “Add to guide” button (as there didn’t seem to be another button to set the changes).  I’ve done this a few times now and I still see the channels that I want removed still on there.

Also, is there a way to edit the channel lames so it’s more than just their call signs? I have no clue of how to remember which channel is which just by the 4 letter call sign :confused:

@virtualuk We haven’t seen channel scans/edits not show up before. Next time you do this, try tapping the ‘update guide’ prompt at the bottom of the Settings screen.

No way to edit channel names at the moment, but you should be able to see the channel number, too - not just the call sign.

Thanks for the reply TabloSupport.  The problem was not having channels show up, more the opposite.  I had channels already in the guide but I’ve found that if I try to remove a bunch of them at the same time it doesn’t work consistently. I get more success if I remove them one at a time, but even then, after removing maybe 10-15 one at a time, at least one of them failed.

Pity there’s not edit, the channel numbers mean nothing to me unfortunately - would be much easier just to see them as ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

@virtualuk Hm - I’m still shocked you saw this behaviour at all with the channel lineup function. What device were you using to do this (iPad, HTML, etc)?

Chrome browser on a Windows 7 laptop.

I reported this behavior months ago–on both iPads and browsers. There was a near complete disconnect between the lineup state on the Tablo and the state on the client. I finally got things sorted and I’ve been afraid to edit the lineup ever since. Hence, I don’t know if it’s still an issue for me.

The other thing I’m seeing is duplicate channels showing up, but only between channels 2-x to 9-x.

I just experienced the same issue - unable to remove channels from lineup by de-checking. After several attempt, multiple “update guides”, and one reboot, they were finally removed.

I have a problem with the channel line up that is unusual. I had trouble with my antenna. During that time, I tried to use tablo. I reset it, as well. Now, when I click on a channel, using my computer, it connects to the wrong station. On my android phone, I only have three of the 9 stations AND on another android phone, the station selections are fine. How do I get all of my devices to see the same thing?

@virtualuk @logan66 Send me a ticket and we’ll log into your Tablo to collect its logs/database to see what’s going on here. We haven’t seen this happen before so we’d like to see what’s going on ASAP.

@edemco Clear the caches on your devices having issues, when you reconnect them to your Tablo they’ll be forced to re-sync. This should clear it up!