Channel Guide skipping over channels in Roku app

We’ve been seeing a really weird problem over the past couple of weeks. When trying to navigate through the channel guide using the Roku remote, the up/down arrows will skip over 2-3 channels at a time making it almost impossible to select a specific channel. We’re not pressing and holding the arrow button, just making a single press. We have to skip over multiple channels and the hope that it will land on the right channel when we go back to try to get to the channel we want to watch. We see this problem on two different Roku devices, so we suspect it is a problem with the Channel Guide in the Roku app.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

If it’s only been happening for the last couple of weeks, I would go into the Roku system setting/system-update and see if your Roku was possibly updated to Roku OS 8.0 within the last couple of weeks.

Both my Roku’s were and their remotes has been a little jerky over the few weeks.

Are you using the actual Roku remote, or one of those fancy Harmony remotes? My Roku is on the version 8.0 and the button action is not as smooth as it used to be.

I played with this a little bit last night on my Roku 3 with 8, and didn’t really notice anything (just saying). Which models do you have?

My Roku 3(4200) uses a WiFi remote and is now a little more jerky after the 12/16 Roku OS 8.0 update. The Roku 2 (4210) uses IR and is less so.

When using Live TV it is easier/smoother to force the down button to the bottom of the grid. Thus forces the tablo app to fill all the channels in the grid. Moving up and down becomes smoother.

In SlingTV moving across the channels ribbon is now more jerky. Also moving down a long episode list seems more jerky.

Sorry you’re running into this.

In the last app update, we did significantly improve the performance of navigation on the live TV grid.

One of the unintended consequences on some older Roku models, or ones that are in general slower to process things (like sticks), is that the key presses on the remote can sometimes be seen as ‘repeats’ and then ignored.

We have a solution for this in place, but I don’t have a specific ETA on when it would be available.

Something you can try in the meantime is to make sure you press and release the buttons quickly and pause momentarily between button presses.

We are having the same issue. How will we know when a fix is ready? Will it be an auto update?

Yes, if your Roku is set to update automatically (and most are unless it’s disabled).

All new updates are posted in the Announcements section of the forum.