Channel Guide not populating for all channels

Picked up a Tablo 2 Tuner DVR today and have it all hooked up.

Did the channel scan and let it populate the guide but it is not populating all channels. I’m located just off the 401 in Cambridge (N3C 4E4) and can pick up the following channels:

4-1 - WIVB-HD - ** NO GUIDE (This channel comes in rarely)
5-1 - CBLT-DT - Guide OK
6-1 - CIII-HD - Guide OK
6-2 - CIII-SD - Guide OK
7-1 - WKBW-HD - NO GUIDE **
11-1 - CHCH-DT - Guide OK
13-1 - CKCO - Guide OK
17-1 - WNED-HD - ** NO GUIDE
17-2 - Think - NO GUIDE
19-1 - TVO - Guide OK
23-2 - Bounce - NO GUIDE
25-1 - CBLFTDT - NO GUIDE **
35-1 - CHCJ-DT - Guide OK
36-1 - CITS-HD - Guide OK

I’ve rescanned the guide multiple times but it just does not populate those channels.

It’s because of your postal code you entered. You can submit a request to @tablosupport to have the guide data added, but I’m still waiting on a request that’s over a month old. You can try changing your postal code in the tablo settings so that it’s a little closer to buffalo since those are the stations that you are missing.

I live East of Buffalo and get many of the same stations as you, but my guide data is opposite. I receive the guide data for the stations that are broadcast from buffalo, but not from Canada (except cblt 5-1).

@darryldale - Sorry to hear that. Sometimes channels are not yet associated with certain postal codes within our database. Try using a different nearby postal code to see if that works in the meantime but definitely place a ticket and we’ll get that fixed up w/ our guide data provider.

@KyleR - Sorry your wait has been so long. :frowning: It usually only takes about 10 days.

We’ll poke our guide data provider for you again to see what’s taking so long.

I opened a ticket for my problem which has dragged out for over TWO MONTHS and didn’t hear anything back today.  In addition to 17-5 in Austin, TX there are other stations listed in the support ticket.

I have the same problem for locals channel in my area and others in the range of my antenna. Why associating guide with postal code? Why? It should populate all channels my antenna could bring.

How does it know what those channels are? All it knows is the frequency it’s getting. You have to tell it what market you’re in so it can get the right stations.

I changed my location for LOCATION instead of Postal Code and now I have lost most of my channels guide? I put back my postal code and Idon’t get back my guides? Sometings wrong with this

I don’t understand what you did. If the database doesn’t have your zip code or location, then the guide data will be incomplete. Submit a ticket to Tablo to get that corrected. In the meantime, try the zip code for a more populous area nearby that might have the correct data already.

It knows the “call sign” it’s virtual channel and network - stuff sent via PSIP, not that tablo really uses it.

It’s used/needed by Gracenote’s service - Quickstart GuideLineups by postal code

Lineup channel listing

lineupId | Yes | LineupId, which can be retrieved using Lineups by postal code.

You need lineupId to get station information:

Stations details

Returns information about a specific stationId, including call sign, broadcast language.

stationId | Yes | StationId, which can be retrieved by calling Lineup channel listing.

Seems it’s just the way the guide data system works. Yes digital OTA has EPG, but the guide data provides so much more for tablo’s programming I believe.

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One, what does this mean? You put the word “location” in for your postal code?

Two, are you in Canada? Or the US?

Three, after playing around with changing locations, the guide takes a while to download, it doesn’t do it immediately in like 10-15 seconds. Check your guide again this morning.

uh, don’t forget the options…

LOCATION likely equates to “Use Current Location”, but it’s not explicitly clear. If I recall, it gets location from the device used for the initiating the scan, as with setting current timezone. But getting location presumably from your IP or your ISP may not be as accurate, depending upon what region you live in.

Is that new? When I did my setup like 6 years ago I think I had to enter my postal code. No other option.