Channel guide does not show 24 hour programming

How do I turn on or fix the 24 Hour channel guide? It was displaying previously. Now I have Diagonal lines. I would appreciate any help!

Isn’t there somnething on the settings page that indicates when the guide was last updated. And doesn’t it allow a user to update the guide.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried that a couple of times . It says it updated 6 days ago. When I update again it says it’s updating but never exceeds 0°.

And how long did you wait. It has to delete the old guide before it starts downloading the new data. But since it’s been 6 days did you change a router/firewall setting. On the settings page does refresh subscription do anything?

Zippy, I think this may be a good reason to call Tablo. I’ve made no changes to my router or firewall. I tried refresh several times. ( I don’t give up easy) I changed to a nearby location and updated channels. I just tried updating again, waited 10 minutes. It finished with no changes. I can watch and change channels, just no guide. I will call them tomorrow to see if they have an answer. Thanks for being so helpful.

Zippy, I found my answer according to Tablo. Apparently, once you have subscribed to the 14-day program guide you cannot return to the 24 hour guide. I bought my Tablo ~3-4 years ago. At that time I watched the free 14-day guide for 30 days and then subscribed. After a while, I returned to a streaming service so disconnected Tablo. I reconnected Tablo last week.
Therefore, no program guide. What confused me was that I had the 24 hour guide for a week before they disconnected it. Anyway, since you were interested in trying to solve my problem, I thought I’d give you an update.

The following was copied directly from the Tablo website.

With or without a subscription, you’ll be able to see a full 24 hours of programming within the Live TV grid view.

It doesn’t specify that you lose the 24 hours of programming if you once were a subscriber and currently aren’t.

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There are two buttons you want to hit in this order.
At the top “Guide data and subscriptions” hit “Refresh”
Then afterwards under guide status hit “Update now”.

Thanks for this information. I’m going to call them back tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get another agent who can help.

Yup. Either there was some mis-communication/understanding or just “fake news”.

Have some suspicion there may be network [internet] issues.

But you always get some guide data - no matter what, presuming it’s left powered on with an internet connection.

That would be a feaky bad business model. That would seem to entice you to dump the product when you cancelled a subscription and go with something different.