Channel guide all messed up

Really thinking I should have returned this when I had the chance. Just when one issue is resolved a new one pops up.

Roku TV app: After trying to remove channels from guide in settings, all of the channels got messed up. I have rescanned several times and added all channels back that I initially removed. Currently:

6.4 Court TV is selected in channels found list but not listed in the channel guide, but it is showing the listings for court under 6.5 “ion Television.”

The rest of the tv guide is off. Channels are all one off, so the show listing does not match the channel.

It has been like this for weeks.

iOS app the listings are correct.

(Also, “Channels found” list after scan is not in numerical order, which is a real inconvenience and makes no sense.)

Waiting for response from support request. We’ll see how long that may take.

It sounds like your issues are all related to the Roku / Tablo app.

  • Is your Tablo app updated to the current version?

  • Have you rebooted your Roku?

Yes, Tablo app is updated.
Yes, I have rebooted. I can try again and will update here.

Thanks @Egon. That got the channels to match the show lineup. However, the channels I remove in the “Channels found” settings still show up in the guide. Not a big deal but would be nice to be able to remove all of the channels I don’t watch.

I would try exiting out of the app, and since this is a Roku, a forced cache reboot might help with your channels showing up when they shouldn’t.

If not, you can always uninstall, reboot, reinstall, since the Tablo app doesn’t really need any data to work properly (no sign-in, etc.)

Hi @269587. What is a forced cache reboot? Is that on the Tablo or the Roku

Excuse me for not being more accurate. I meant on the Roku.

Pressing the following in a moderately fast-paced fashion will cause some odd left-side menu scrolling, then a reboot where it clears the cache and can often help with various issues:
Home (5x)
Rewind, Rewind
Fast Forward, Fast Forward

Then the scrolling, it will look like it’s crashed, likely in-between menus, and will reboot after a few seconds. The key is to press these buttons fast enough that it recognizes them as a command. If you’re too slow and nothing happens, just try again. You can also press them too fast where the Roku won’t realize you’ve pressed them. You should hear the plink noise after every button press like you would under normal use.

I would uncheck the channels from your phone.

Tablo app > gear icon > channel lineup > uncheck > SAVE.

That list is what should be used by every streaming/mobile device on your network.

If the Roku doesn’t refresh on its own try:

  • Force close Tablo app on Roku, clear cashe, relaunch Tablo app

  • Reboot Roku (again)

  • Still not fixed. Uninstall tablo app from roku. Reboot roku. Verify channels deselected via phone. Reinstall Tablo app on roku.

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@Egon Thanks a lot!

Mi no es used to be like BB that, I o poo rrned a tocket, data still missing but guide correct after last upda

My guide is correct but bata is still missing as well.