Channel doesn't record certain channel programs

I have 1channel that the programs I have scheduled for record dont happen.
I see it on the tablo app as scheduled and have watched it over the live tv on the roku and recorded the live tv on the tablo app and it worked.
Do you have any idea as to what might be going on. Both shows that I am trying to record were made in the 60’s would that have any thing to do with it?

@twag318 - Try removing the schedule and re-setting the schedule and let us know if the recordings work thereafter.

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I have similar problem. I set up to record a TV show on one specific channel. But it does record that TV show on a different channel. For example, I set to record only on 47.1 but it records on 66.1. This does not happen to one TV show and two specific channels so removing the schedule and re-setting the schedule will be all over the places.

Try running a new channel scan - and make sure you select the ‘Add to guide’ button at the end of the scan. The recent OTA channel repack could result in some odd results like this.

If you still have issues afterwards, send our support team a ticket and we can take a look.

That seems to solve the problem. Thanks!