Channel does not seem to have guide info

Hi i am from Saguenay region, of the few OTA channels that i have, Tablo seams to offer no support for guide data on CFRS-DT. In reality the programming is pretty much the same as any V télé channel in quebec would it be possible for you to do something about it? I am not to interested in paying 5$ a month for guide data if one of my 4 channels is not available. :frowning:

Reading other posts on the forum I entered an other postal code from a nearby city and now i see the guide info for that channel… weird that i have to enter a false postal code, mine is G8H 3N1 and i entered G7G 0A1

Submit your zip code information to Tablo and they can work with their guide provider on getting your zip code supported so you don’t have to use another zip code.

I confirm.

You can try another postal code from a more populated area and you might get it. I went from half the channels available to all except 1 using one from downtown Montreal (I am about 25 km from Montreal).

Then I placed a request for this missing channel and it appeared a few days later.